Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Love: Stylish Blogger Award

In the last few weeks I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award... not once, but TWICE! Wow! That's pretty amazing for me to comprehend! The first award was from the oh so lovely Steph via her personal blog, and the second was from my dear friend Tamara from One Craftee Mumma. In order to accept the Stylish Blogger Award I need to:

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award (thank you so much Tam and Steph!!)
  • Share 7 things about yourself. [I have done versions of this here and here, but will give it a go again]
  • Pay it forward to bloggers who I feel have a style about them
  • Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award
Ok... here are the seven things about myself - hopefully I can think of 7 new things...
  1. I have always loved my name. My full name is Amanda Claire Fuller. My Dad named me which is extra special to me now he is gone. Amanda means "Worthy of Love" and Claire means "Bright or Light"... although I must admit I am not a fan of Fuller, being a larger person with the surname Fuller is not always fun... especially as a teen.
  2. I'm not scared of spiders or cockroaches or most creepy crawlies, but moths FREAK me out!
  3. The first thing I do every morning before I even get out of bed is check my email on my iphone... sad but true.
  4. I am pretty blind without my specs/glasses. I actually spent much of my childhood not being able to see properly but no one realised how bad it was until a drive in the country one day my Mum pointed out some sheep on a hill nearby... I couldn't see any sheep!
  5. My very first job was working for Angus and Coote Jewellers over the Christmas rush period when I was 15.
  6. I took Flute lessons for a few years when I was younger. I still have my Flute but hardly ever play it.
  7. My ancestors used to own the land at Mrs Macquarie's Chair - PRIME land on Sydney Harbour - before it was Mrs Macquarie's Chair. It was given as a gift for good service. My ancestor sold it for about 50 pounds to buy medicine for his wife! Shame.
Now here are the bloggers who I would like to give the award to:

Carla from Bowerbird - she finds the most gorgeous things!
Jo from August Empress - I just have the biggest design crush on Jo and all she does!
Nancy from Wolf and Willow - this girl's got style!

There are lots more I would like to award, but they have already received it or I have awarded them in the past!


Jane said...

Well done on receiving your award, Amanda. So well deserved. Your blog is one of my favourite reads.

As for #2, I can't believe you can cope with cockroaches. Surely the most loathsome creatures on earth. I relate to #4 - not quite so bad but I love my contact lenses. Snap with #6. And #7 is fascinating. We have a similar family tale about our ancestors owning the land on which the Melbourne GPO now stands - they abandoned it to race to the goldfields and someone else snapped it up. Or so the story goes.

And thanks for the Bowerbird tip - I'm now following her. J x

carla said...

Wooohoooo! Thanks Amanda.
I feel truely honoured. How exciting!

Thank you also for your bloggy help last year, and also for the constant inspiration on Calico and Co!


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